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About us

Krošlák’s story is closely aligned and tied to the fate and ideas of its founder. František Krošlák always believed that a capable person had to be able to earn money and should be fairly compensated for their work. He succumbed to his entrepreneurial spirit in 1991 and established his own company. At this time, the Topoľčany region began selling its furniture manufacturing potential abroad. The young entrepreneur grabbed hold of this opportunity and did not let it slip away. As he himself has said, he was willing to work and had courage. He bought the first hall and started metal production, which, like its later extension to the upholstery department, was a response to current demand.

Foreign customers were demanding, but thanks to this today Krošlák can boast of exceptional quality and reliability of all operating production centres – upholstery, coldfoaming and metal production.

Our story

We support

Our company has long supported good ideas and inspirational projects. We believe that every one of us has the power to change their surroundings for the better and that is why we have helped families in needs, sports clubs and the organisers of sporting and cultural events throughout our thirty-year history. We also support initiatives with ideas that we identify with and non-profit organisations.

Regional event DRUMS24 for all fans of drumming with an attempt to break the Slovak record.

Municipality in which our company is located.

Voluntary Firefighters of Nitrianska Blatnica

We supported

The goal of the initiative is to support the domestic economy.

The Nemšová women’s floor ball club competes in the highest Slovak league.

The Innovation Festival brings together interesting manufacturing, research and design companies.

Unique summit focused on healthcare.

Through clown art, the Clowndoctors civic association brings joy and laughter to those who need it.

EuroCup Strongman competition.

Innovative support for Slovak health workers during the pandemic.

Non-profit organisation helping families with disabilities.

The largest humanitarian organization in the world.

The Proti prúdu civic association helps people experiencing homelessness.

Multi-genre festival Šajn in the neighbouring village of Radošina.

Events organized for the purpose of raising funds to support the non-profit organization Children with Cancer n.o.