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Bari is a sofa that you can turn into a full-size bed with a quality mattress for two people. Robust construction and sophisticated mechanism ensure easy and fast operation. Minimalist sewing and natural proportions make Bari a pleasant piece of furniture at a glance.

The storage space built into the longchair module is also very practical. You can use it to store pillows or duvets. If you are looking for a comfortable sofa and do not want to compromise on comfort sitting or sleeping, Bari is the right choice.

from 1576 €

from 1850 €

from 2549 €

Full-size folding bed

You rarely sleep really well on sofa beds. However, this one is different: its bed is well-made and equipped with a full-fledged mattress, on which two people can sleep comfortably. It is designed for everyday sleeping without compromise. Folding is still easy and fast.

Adjustable headrests

With adjustable headrests, the seat quickly adapts to different body heights or sitting style. When you don’t need them, you simply fold down the headrest to give the set a stylish low-profile look.

The armrests

are a defining part of the sofa. Whether you prefer modern or classic, robust or subtle, you can choose from different types of armrests that were also designed so that you can lean against or lay your hand on them.


Legs are a key design element of every seat. You can choose from several styles and materials, thanks to which you can customize the look of your new seat.

Technical parameters


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