Dover is a maximally flexible sofa that you can adapt not only to your style, but also to the requirements for comfort or space options of your living room. It is the sequel to the popular Infinity series, taking its design a step further. Interesting solutions are, for example, design legs or dark edges of individual elements, which give the sofa a clearly defined shape and character.

Thanks to a wide selection of modules and functions, you can easily adapt the sofa to your needs. You can choose from different leg heights or types of armrests, as well as accessories in the form of retractable seats or large elements with storage space. When you add a wide selection of materials and colors, you won’t have to compromise with Dover.

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The folding sofa bed function

allows for occasional sleeping and further demonstrates the versatile possibilities of the Dover. This is still a very popular feature that often limits the design of a sofa. However, this is not the case with the Dover, which remains light and elegant.


Storage space

is practical and there’s never enough of it. The Longchair box segment offers a discreet yet very easy-to-use storage for everything you don’t need at the moment. The upper part remains open so you can take things out easily and safely.


Reclining capability

With the built-in recliner function, Dover allows for change in seat depth that increases comfort. This way you can have both a formal sofa for visits and a laid-back longchair when watching movies. Optionally, Dover can include integrated electronic control of the recliner on one or more furniture segments.


Adjustable headrests

make the Dover sofa even more universal. Thanks to them it can adapt to everyone, regardless of body shape and personal sitting preferences. This makes the stylish sofa with low armrests even more functional.


The armrests

are a defining part of the sofa. Whether you prefer modern or classic, robust or subtle, you can choose from six different types of armrests that were also designed so that you can lean against or lay your hand on them.

USB charger

A built-in USB charger shows that Dover is also designed for customers who need to keep their mobile phone at hand even when charging. The port is a part of the optional electronic control of the recliner.

Technical parameters



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