The Serenity sofa makes every space cosy and home-like. It is appealing to those who consider comfort to be as important as style, to men and women who seek quality and functionality. The outstanding range of options allows you to create your sofa precisely as you desire and imagine.

The electronic footrest in combination with adjustable headrest help Serenity turn your living room into an oasis of utmost relaxation. Along with the upscale pocket spring cushions, these elements make it a sofa of the highest comfort.

from 797 €

from 1093 €


from 2242 €


Reclining capability

With the built-in recliner function, Serenity allows for change in seat depth that increases comfort. This way you can have both a formal sofa for visits and a laid-back longchair when watching movies. Optionally, Serenity can include integrated electronic control of the recliner on one or more furniture segments.


The adjustable headrests

offer even higher level of comfort. Serenity can adapt to everyone, regardless of body shape and personal sitting preferences. This makes the stylish sofa with low armrests even more functional.

Technical parameters



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